What you need to spend on special equipment or 3rd party services to get started
Cost per sampled tree per year (discounts and pricing tiers available)
Number of trees you can scout in 10 minutes with FruitScout
Increase in yield per acre

Get rid of your clipboards, clickers, and calipers. Use FruitScout and collect 100x more data using only a smartphone. It’s as easy as point, snap, and upload.

The FruitScout PCLM Dashboard provides crop load data that maximizes your returns while fitting with your existing processes. 

Only FruitScout’s patented AI and management system for counting and sizing delivers optimal crop load targets for every stage of the growing season.

FruitScout is an annual subscription service. It costs pennies per month per sampled tree. You pay only for the trees you sample (typically 10-20%).

Field workers take a picture of a tree using the FruitScout app.

Tree photos are uploaded and analyzed in the cloud.

Results are viewed in the PCLM Dashboard to hit targets.

Our pilot program makes it easy and inexpensive to find out if FruitScout is right for you. Learn more about the program and how you can start reaping the benefits of computer vision aided PCLM today.