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Add Accuracy Insight Computer Vision Predictability Precision  to Your Crop Load Management

Add Precision to Your Crop Load Management

Take the guesswork out of setting accurate crop yield targets. Use your smartphone to count and size your crop, tracking progress from bud to bin. No new hardware required.

Use the FruitScout smartphone app to add precision to your crop load management

Maximize Your Returns

According to Cornell, growers who embrace precision crop load management can earn $5 to $10 additional revenue per tree per year.*

But there's a problem:

Counting and sizing fruit with clipboards and calipers just doesn’t scale. Small sample sizes risk being less accurate. It can feel like you’re flying blind.

Enter FruitScout

“FruitScout isn’t just replacing manual counting and sizing. They provide me with a way to manage to specific targets that improve both the margins and predictability of my business.”
Mark Boyer - Ridgetop Orchards - On using FruitScout to improve orchard margins
Mark Boyer
Ridgetop Orchards

Take Control of the Production Process

FruitScout mobile with computer vision makes it fast and easy to collect all the data you need to implement precision crop load management. More data. More profits.

Set Targets to Meet Market Demand

Scientifically set the optimal crop load for your tree, row, or block. Deliver the size and quality of fruit that earns the most on the open market.

Manage to Precise Crop Load Targets

Only FruitScout’s patented AI and yield management system tells you how much to prune and thin at every stage of the growing season to stay on track, from bud to fruitlet to bin.

Gain Operational Visibility

Use computer vision to track your crop’s progress at any point in time. Make better decisions and review completed orchard tasks.

Count fruit blossoms 200x faster with FruitScout

Save Time. Sample More

Swap your hand-tallies and spreadsheets for the FruitScout mobile app. Count and size 200x faster with significantly higher and verifiable accuracy. It’s as easy as point, snap, and upload.

Optimize Resource Planning

Visibility at the block, row, and individual tree levels helps inform the selection and instrumentation of interventions, from chemical thinners to PGRs.

Fight Biennial Bearing

Determine crop loads and manage to targets that minimize production and revenue fluctuations from year to year.

Improve the Predictability of Your Business

Lack of precise data can result in yields significantly over or under estimates, leaving money on the table.

Take Control and Maximize Yields with FruitScout

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Larger Sample Sizes

More data means more accurate estimates of progress towards targets

Predictable Size and Quality​

Manage entire growth cycle as an objective metrics driven process

Better Yield Estimates​

Based on precise data + grower experience
“Without access to forward looking harvest data at the field level, growers, suppliers, and retailers working in the E2E produce and agriculture supply chain have often found themselves in react mode to meet customer commitments. FruitScout changes the game by helping the growers gather critical field level information at scale during the growing season to share with their customers and retail partners”
Gary Hahn
Global Food Supply Chain Retail Leader

See Results Across the Operation

Optimize Supply Chain Operations and Revenue

Keep everyone from sales to partners in the loop by sharing data about your progress on harvest production targets.

Slice and Dice Data to Make Better Decisions

Use the FruitScout dashboard to gain crucial insights. Export to Excel to combine with other data. Compare to previous performance to identify trends. Your historical dataset begins with your first picture.​

Discover Ways to Improve Your Balance Sheet

How you use your data is limited only by your imagination. Use it to objectively verify crop losses or predict if a block will be profitable.

How could you use FruitScout data?

Get Started with FruitScout

Our low-risk pilot program makes it easy and inexpensive to see if FruitScout is right for you.

PCLM made easy.

200x faster data collection.

Intuitive smartphone app.

Hardware free. Worry free.