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Fruitlet Measurement

Add Precision to Fruit and Fruitlet Sizing

Growers don’t have to start with trunk sizing and bud counting to get value from FruitScout this year. North American and European growers who’d like to use the mobile app to help them determine fruit set and track fruit size distribution can start using FruitScout this spring. … Read More

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Set targets for maximum orchard profit

Precision Crop Load Management Resources

New to Precision Crop Load Management? Precision crop load management (PCLM) is a scientific approach to calculating optimal crop loads for fruit crops in order generate maximum year-over-year profits. This is accomplished by pruning and thinning throughout the growing season,

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FruitScout - Investment in tool to increase apple yield per acre

FruitScout Raises $4M to Expand our Services

Funding announcement blogs, especially for seed rounds, are a curious thing — part press release, part introduction to the company, and part mission statement. That makes sense in a way, since they are usually meant to communicate to a widely

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