FruitScout Featured in Growing Produce Article – Can Precision Agriculture Really Help Growers Know Their Crops Better?

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Read David Eddy’s recent American Fruit Grower article posted to Growing Produce to learn about the emerging tech helping apple growers manage their crops with more precision

From the article:

Because King believes capturing data is the key, he has tried to make it as easy as possible for growers. All that’s required of the grower to collect data is to snap photos with their smartphone. Besides the FruitScout app, that’s the sum total of the necessary equipment.

Growers begin by determining the optimal capacity of fruiting trees by taking pictures of the trunks, then managing to those targets through the rest of the season. Data from FruitScout informs how much to prune and thin to stay on track for optimal yield.

Check out the article to learn about FruitScout in addition to other technologies that are giving apple growers more insight about their crops than ever before, from setting optimal crop load targets to increase profits to knowing exactly what’s sitting in each bin at pack out.