Precision Crop Load Management Made Easy

Precision Crop Load Management Made Easy

No matter where you land on the  crop load management adoption curve, you probably rely on counting and sizing data to make critical decisions. 

With FruitScout, you can collect more of the data you need to make those decisions in less time.

It’s as easy as point, snap, and upload.
Count and Size Fruit 200x Faster with a Smartphone App
Use FruitScout without changing your crop load management process
“FruitScout gives us information in the way we think about it without requiring us to change our existing practices. We can scale our processes, and the benefits associated with them, to a whole new level with no capital outlays.”
Dan Plath - Washington Fruit - On using FruitScout for precision crop load management
Dan Plath | President
Washington Fruit and Produce
Measure Tree Trunk to Calculate Optimal Crop Load

It All Starts with a Picture

Determine the optimal capacity of a fruiting tree by taking a picture of the trunk.

We’d say it’s magic, but it’s really just computer vision and a patented AI algorithm.


Calculate the Optimal Crop Load

FruitScout analyzes your uploaded photos to determine the optimal crop load for maximal returns.

The dashboard lets you fine tune targets based on grower knowledge and local conditions.

FruitScout calculates optimal crop load

Stay on Track Throughout the Growing Season

FruitScout uses AI and computer vision to analyze photos you take of buds, blossoms, fruitlets, and fruits. Counts and sizes are calculated automatically, making sure you always know where your crop stands, from bud to bin.

Add Precision to Your Process

Set interim targets for pruning and thinning, track progress at each stage of the season, and stay on top of orchard operations.

Visibility down to the block, row, and tree levels means you can be as precise as you need to be to optimize your yield.

FruitScout calculates optimal fruit thinning targets

Implementing the Fruitlet Growth Model is a Snap

500 snaps to be exact. Use FruitScout to photograph five hundred random fruitlets three to four days post chemical thinner application, then again four to five days after your initial scouting session.

FruitScout will predict fruit set from the image analysis, giving you ample time for another round of thinners if required. No calipers or markers required.

Make Better Decisions Based on Accurate Data

Fruitlet Measurements In

Implement the Fruitlet Growth Model with FruitScout

Curious about how much money you are leaving on the table by managing crop load by hand?

Track Size and Counts Through to Harvest

Keep tabs on your fruit as it grows — apples, oranges, agave, and more. Ensure you are still on track to hit your targets, compare numbers across growing seasons, provide internal teams and partners with timely data, and more.

Mobile Crop Load Management - Counting Fruits

Manage Your Crops from a Single App

FruitScout can support everything from agaves to apples to citrus to stone fruit.

What You Can Do With FruitScout Agave ApplesOranges
Use AI sizing to determine optimal crop loadFruitScout AgaveFruitScout Apple
Count budsFruitScout Apple
Count bloomsFruitScout AppleFruitScout Orange
Count fruitFruitScout AppleFruitScout Orange
Track growth rateFruitScout AppleFruitScout Orange
Manage thinning to targetsFruitScout Apple
Size fruitsFruitScout AgaveFruitScout AppleFruitScout Orange
Calculate yield and key carbohydrate contentsFruitScout Agave
Determine when fruit is ready for harvestFruitScout Agave
Distillers: Determine the quality of pinas before you buyFruitScout Agave

We are constantly expanding the crops we support. Don’t see yours here? Drop us a message and let us know what you need.

All the Advantages of a Smartphone App

Get Started with FruitScout

Our low-risk pilot program makes it easy and inexpensive to find out if FruitScout is right for you. Learn how you can use your smartphone to earn up to $10,000 more per acre with precision crop load management by booking a demo today.