Add Precision to Fruit and Fruitlet Sizing

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What's New with FruitScout

In line with the Northern Hemisphere apple growing lifecycle, FruitScout’s new mobile app has been deployed to the fields of Washington State to size trunks and count buds, with eastern growers to follow as the season there begins.

If you had the pleasure of meeting Matt King, our CEO and Cofounder, at the Mid-Atlantic Fruit and Vegetable convention, you already know that we’re taking a measured approach to North American FruitScout pilots in 2022.

To ensure that growers have all of the support they want and need, we’re matching the number of customers we take on this winter with the capacity of our knowledgeable customer success team to spend direct one on one time with each growing team.

We’ve already reached our new customer goal for North American orchards wishing to start their precision crop load management journey with dormant season trunk sizing and bud counting.

But not to worry . . . 

We've already reached our 2022 dormant season goal for North America

Join Us for Spring and Summer Fruit and Fruitlet Sizing

Growers don’t have to start with trunk sizing and bud counting to get value from FruitScout this year. North American and European growers who’d like to use the mobile app to help them determine fruit set and track fruit size distribution can start using FruitScout this spring.

We’re really excited about giving growers a much easier and practical way to implement the Fruitlet Growth Model, as well as making fruit size measurements for size distribution a simple process of point and shoot.

Stay Tuned

FruitScout will be putting even more powerful tools on the smartphones of apple growers, enabling more precise crop load management for increased profits.

Are you and apple grower in the Southern Hemisphere? Fill out the form below to find out about starting in your upcoming dormant season.

Reach out to start your crop load journey with fruit and fruitlet sizing or just to get FruitScout updates.