FruitScout Pricing and ROI

Experience the benefits of precision crop load management for yourself with a FruitScout pilot. Start simple and avoid risk. Pick your target blocks and sample an unlimited number of trees, taking an unlimited number of photos. 

FruitScout starts at $10,000 per growing team for a one year pilot and includes in-person and/or online training, phone and email support. A knowledgable FruitScout customer success manager will help you plan what trees to sample and show your team how to photoscout, tailoring training to your needs.

Calculate Your ROI

Precision crop load management can make a significant impact on apple orchard profit. But you need computer vision to realize those gains. Use the ROI calculator below to find out your potential return on investment by using FruitScout for a precision crop load management pilot.

Tell us a little about your operation, including how many trees you’d likely test with FruitScout, and a few other inputs needed to run the calculations. We’ll run the numbers and email you a personalized ROI report. See for yourself how FruitScout + precision crop load management can increase apple orchard profit.

Tell Us a Bit About Your Operation