FruitScout turns your smartphone into a crop load management device. Just take a picture of a tree, upload it to FruitScout, and use the FruitScout Precision Crop Load Management dashboard to track and manage entire blocks.  

Work that might take hours using conventional practices, can now be done in minutes, with significantly higher and verifiable accuracy. The resulting insight from more data helps growers better manage their entire operation.

The FruitScout app makes it easy for growers to scout entire rows of trees in minutes using nothing but a standard Apple or Android smartphone. Just select the block you are scouting and start taking photos.

FruitScout’s proprietary computer vision technology recognizes buds, flowers, young fruit, and mature fruit, giving growers highly accurate information about orchard productivity throughout the year.

The FruitScout PCLM Cloud includes your personalized PCLM Dashboard and account management tools.

Once processing is complete, your data automatically shows up in the PCLM dashboard, where you can view block and row-level data or drill down to see data and photos for an individual tree.

With this timely information you can manage to optimal crop load targets, set interim targets for pruning and thinning, track progress at each stage of the season, and stay on top of orchard operations.

We also provide you with tools to manage your team members, configure orchard and block data, and to schedule resources from both FruitScout and partners.

We designed the PCLM Pilot program to eliminate the risk of trying FruitScout. 

Start simple. Pick a few blocks and sample as few as 10,000 trees. In eight hours or less per stage you can collect and upload more data than you could collect in a month by hand. 

Training and planning are key to the success of your PCLM Pilot. A dedicated FruitScout team member will help you plan what trees to sample and show your team how to photoscout.

We offer online and in-person training, phone and email support, and can tailor training to your needs.

Precision crop load management, or PCLM, is a is a scientific approach to calculating optimal crop loads for fruit crops in order generate maximum year-over-year profits. This is accomplished by pruning and thinning throughout the growing season, reducing surplus buds, blooms, and fruit to enable the tree to produce the most high quality fruit while preserving its ability to bear fruit the following year.

Dr. Terrence Robinson, a fruit physiologist from Cornell and one of PCLM’s originators, has presented long-term research that demonstrates PCLM has the potential to deliver between $5 and $10 per tree per year in increased productivity.

The only thing holding PCLM back until now has been a very practical one: how to collect enough accurate data without spending too much on labor. 

Enter FruitScout. Our simple innovation — using photos taken on your phone to provide you with accurate sizing and counts — means you can unlock the potential financial returns of PCLM without the risk of big upfront costs or having to adopt new techniques.

FruitScout eliminates the tedious counting and sizing tasks necessary to PCLM while reducing the cost of collecting that data from hours to minutes. Whether your goal in using PCLM is increased profits or reduced costs, FruitScout makes doing so easy and low risk.

Dr. Terence Robinson’s overview of key precision crop load management concepts.

Learn how FruitScout can support everything from agaves to apples to citrus to stone fruit.

  • Size trunks to determine optimal crop load.
  • Count buds and blooms to determine your pruning and bloom thinning goals.
  • Size fruitlets to measure rates of growth to better manage June/December drop.
  • Count and size maturing fruit as you approach harvest.
  • Manage it all with the PCLM Dashboard.
  • Use FruitScout to determine the quality of pinas before you buy.
  • Size plants to determine growth rate.
  • Determine when and if agave are ready to harvest.
  • Size pinas to calculate yields and key carbohydrate content.
  • For distillers.
  • Count blooms and visible fruit.
  • Size fruit at various stages and track growth rates.

If you don’t see your crop, that doesn’t mean we don’t plan to support it. Just drop us a message using this form and let us know what you need. We are constantly expanding the crops we support.

Whether new to PCLM or long-time practitioners, most growers rely on some amount of counting and sizing data to make critical decisions.

FruitScout simply makes it fast and easy to collect much more of the data you rely on to make crop management decisions. More data. Clear targets. Better outcomes.