Fruitlet Measurement

Add Precision to Fruit and Fruitlet Sizing

Growers don’t have to start with trunk sizing and bud counting to get value from FruitScout this year. North American and European growers who’d like to use the mobile app to help them determine fruit set and track fruit size distribution can start using FruitScout this spring. … Read More

Growing Produce Precision Agriculture Article

FruitScout Featured in Growing Produce Article – Can Precision Agriculture Really Help Growers Know Their Crops Better?

Read David Eddy’s recent American Fruit Grower article posted to Growing Produce to learn about the emerging tech helping apple growers manage their crops with more precision.  From the article: Because King believes capturing data is the key, he has … Read More

Counting Buds on Apple Tree

Evolutions in Imaging – Great Article from Good Fruit Grower

FruitScout was featured in this August 12th, 2021 overview of the evolution of computer vision technologies in the apple industry. From the article: Automated Fruit Scouting, a Washington-based company, skipped yield estimation entirely and built its approach — orchard sampling … Read More

Mobile Crop Load Management - Counting Fruits

Mobile-based Crop Management Offers Exciting Possibilities

It’s About Orchard Profit Precision crop load management, or PCLM, is a is a scientific approach to calculating optimal crop loads for fruit crops in order generate maximum year-over-year profits. This is accomplished by pruning and thinning throughout the growing … Read More