Cuneiform Account of Grain Distribution (c. 3000 BC)
Clay Tablet, 2 ½ x 2 inches
Metropolitan Art Museum, New York; Wikimedia Commons

Measure what can be measured, and make measurable what cannot be measured.” – Galileo

Data was born in the fertile fields of Sumer around 5000 years ago, when a grower etched the first record of the crops into a clay tablet. Out of that harvest grew writing, math, and the rapid transformation of civilization itself.

At FruitScout, we are committed to bringing that full circle, by developing the tools for harvesting the data in the field… the data that gives the grower the understanding necessary to precisely manage each step throughout the season, from bud to bin.

We believe that the impact brought by a combination of experienced people and advanced machinery is greater than the sum of its parts.  We believe that a grower with a phone is the most powerful data collector in history.

FruitScout got its start in the orchards of Central Washington and Chile in 2019, where founders Matt King and Jeff Kahn spent months talking to orchardists, gathering data, and experimenting with early versions of the technology.

It was that experience — days spent counting buds and measuring trunks and fruitlets by hand in 100° heat — that instilled them, and the company they founded, with a deep respect for the combination of hard work and careful planning that goes into producing the food we eat.

Jeff tallying hand count.
Matt with Amigo, Chile, 2019.
Experimenting with row labeling, Yakima, 2019

When you join FruitScout you will be joining a small team where you can make a big impact. The same principles of respect and curiosity we value when building products, we bring to building the FruitScout team. We embrace diversity as a strength and are always looking for thoughtful, curious, service-focused teammates. Because FruitScout is a fully distributed team, we value people who are self-directed but who also enjoy collaboration and who thrive in an environment of trust and responsibility.





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